The BMI burner, is a nozzle mix type gas burner. Multistage combustion technology developed by BMI. Achieves superior performance over conventional nozzle mix burner.

Forced draft air and gas supplied to the burner are perfectly mixed, automatically, in progressive stages of controlled combustion.

The burner design allows appropriate residence time for temperature and pressures to obtain a stable, perfect combustion with a long, luminous and high velocity flame.



> Fuels

High efficiency and stability is maintained over a wide range of gas fuels like blast furnace gas, coke oven, synthetic, trail gas, hydrogen, natural gas, butane, propane, etc.









›High velocity luminous flame improves radiant and convection heat transfer and promotes temperature uniformity in the furnace.

›The operation range assures flexibility for variable heating loads and or fuel variations. Also stable start – up to shut – down and optimal firing to your furnance conditions.

›Important fuel savings are realized

›Lowest investment per BTU / hour.










>Additional Burner Data




›Iron ore direct reduction plants

›Steel plant furnaces, Soaking pits, Walking beam, Pusher, annealing and pelletizing.

›Industrial furnaces in ceramic, glass, foundry, forging

›Kilns, power plants

›Chemical and petrochemical plants

›Boilers in all industries